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Rubislaw32: There you go FBI - another example of the FBI (Comey) leaving a mess behind, through having the arrogance of believing that you are a law unto yourselves. Is it any wonder Riverside PD never wanted you in their back yard ? Mucky pups, crooks & thugs. Sept 29, 2022 8:20:32 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: Recriminations were brutal in the wake of James Comey's ''visitation''. 4 senior police officers at the C.C.U. were singled out and shamed, losing their jobs under varying description. Also to go were two Chief Constables and Head of the Police Authority. Sept 29, 2022 5:35:33 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: Why did Congress not get to hear about any of this ? Because Robert Mueller's unredacted report into Comey's dismissal was offered to them, on the basis that they not divulge those parts to the the public. Congress refused, as a matter of moral principle. Sept 29, 2022 4:54:06 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: e-mails were being intercepted by senior police behaving like puerile schoolboys at Police Scotland's Counter Corruption Unit - bearing in mind that Comey was also tasked with investigating Mrs Clinton's e-mails on the basis of possible security breaches. Sept 29, 2022 4:14:06 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: It is certainly ironic that Mr Comey was tasked with investigating Russian intervention in the 2016 US Presidential Election when, for all IOCCO knew initially, Comey without security clearance, could have been a Russian spy. In addition, that Comey's... Sept 29, 2022 4:07:30 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: A fly on the wall ? : ''This is Director Comey of The FIB speaking with a stolen Zodiac case file for The Lord Advocate - could you rush me through please ?''. (IOCCO - aside) : ''Someone get on the phone to Mi5 - looks like we may have a Russian agent.''. Sept 28, 2022 15:34:50 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: Now out of track on credulity, the FBI are seen as the Zodiac-lepers, with the CA DOJ delivering their damnation on May 14th 2022. A new meaning for their once proud name ''The Untouchables'' - the FBI making their case skeletons even more conspicuous. Sept 28, 2022 12:43:36 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: For the FBI since May 9th 2017, it has been about selling the false perception they hold a key role in the Zodiac case - then using this to peddle their dishonest proclamations. The reality ? DOJ's don't want nor need what the FBI are touting as info.. Sept 28, 2022 12:08:30 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: Indeed FBI - ''You don't know what you got until you lose it''. First call after Trump booted Comey's a*s ? Get cosy with Hearst because you're going to need a media mogul perpetuating the myth that you are still at the heart of Zodiac investigations. Sept 28, 2022 11:46:10 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: they weren't required. Just too dramatic, and for theatrical effect. He was caught red-handed (IOCCO) on March 4th 2015 when he was busy trying to convince The Crown Office that he was in charge of the Zodiac case. Dishonest, but comical. Sept 28, 2022 11:08:45 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: ...things. Indeed, a ''shady character'' - that Mr Comey. I would place him somewhere between Norman Bates and Basil Fawlty, if you get my drift. All those tears as if he had been hard done by, and those oaths that he kept taking in public when .... Sept 28, 2022 11:02:04 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: ''...they were no longer needed.'' ? A bit slow on the uptake though, FBI ? Must have come as a shock that you had been replaced by Stone Ghost, as Intelligence processors for the CA DOJ ? But then, your ex-Director Comey hadn't told you lots of... Sept 28, 2022 10:57:32 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: CA DOJ are unable to avail us of such luxuries, there's always focusing on the fraud-peddlers of the case - the FBI. For 45 years this agency did their best impersonation of Rip Van Winkle, then suddenly woke up to the fact that they were no longer needed. Sept 27, 2022 16:53:23 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: Reasons to be cheerful : For Zodiac followers there never really is, until this Zodiac case is resolved once and for all. An alive Zodiac brought to justice and explaining himself to his victims' families would be a relative joy to behold. But, while the.. Sept 27, 2022 16:46:09 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: This is what has yet to impact publicly, FBI : The sheer scale of your internal investigations to ascertain the missed opportunities in tracking the Zodiac as a compulsive extortionist. The bitterest pill FBI ? He was extorting you yourselves - big time. Sept 27, 2022 13:16:33 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: ..Graham and have him make a tape to be heard in the compound. They will come out after hearing his words - a religious man whom they can trust to speak words of the truth.''. Mt Carmel, Waco ? Carmel (1990 Celebrity Cipher) ? Carmel - Stage-prop computer. Sept 27, 2022 10:21:32 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: There was certainly one individual responsible for a host of letters both in the advent and wake of the Waco tragedy - ''ring-fenced'' by the FBI with a handwritten ''Dear'', and included allusions to ''favourites'' like Rev Billy Graham : ''Contact Billy Sept 27, 2022 10:13:01 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: worked in an FBI office a few years ago. My wife and I know first-hand how decent and sensitive you bureau people are. Your agency is a special group.''. Then-FBI Director William Sessions, was in office for just 2 months beyond the FBI's Waco storming. Sept 27, 2022 9:50:31 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: ...handled the situation at Waco in an excellent manner. Responsible citizens can be proud of the FBI's sincere efforts to resolve the situation peacefully. You were dealing with a lunatic who was clearly a danger to all law-abiding citizens. My daughter.. Sept 27, 2022 9:40:50 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: ...the FBI's ABSCAM sting operation and the FBI's storming of the Mt Carmel compound at Waco TX, April 19th 1993, leaving 76 people dead including 25 children. The Zodiac's arsenal included the ability to ''damn with faint praise''. Example : ''The FBI... Sept 27, 2022 9:33:48 GMT -8
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