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Rubislaw32: Oct.6th 2021 -Fox news announce Case Breaker's findings. Nov.1st 2021 - FBI release 411 page D B Cooper File. Within 25 days FBI have appeased Mr Colbert. The thrust of non-suspect Gary Poste's guilt was Donna Lass. ''Donna Lass'' positively haunts the FBI Nov 30, 2021 16:01:00 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: The mystery of the Zodiac Killer case ? But, it is also a mystery about the FBI's personal involvement in the Zodiac Killer case. They were supposed to assist and, even solve it themselves. Remember Mr Trump's words to the FBI : '' Clean up your mess.''. Nov 30, 2021 14:19:37 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: Where does that leave the Donna Lass disappearance ? Knowledge beyond any reasonable doubt, by the FBI, that the Zodiac had nothing to do with the Donna Lass case. But, did the FBI know more than that ? The South Lake Tahoe PD have not been happy recently. Nov 30, 2021 14:00:10 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: In the run-in to the March 22nd 1971 Pines Card, the FBI would have needed complicity with the SF Chronicle, and the Condominium Co. on advertising - paid for by the FBI? The FBI would have known the card's original purpose, and so would the SF Chronicle. Nov 30, 2021 13:50:12 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: Just as a reference to the Pines Card. It was the Zodiac who, of course chose its design, and originally sent it, circa May 1970,as a follow up to the Dragon Card, in order to (falsely) incriminate Pa Grant, further, on Judith Hakari's murder. Nov 30, 2021 13:39:04 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: We all play the numbers game with Z's murders. Beyond the 5 Bay area ones ? I have him down for none before LHR. After PH ? Three, but one of those was second-degree. Leaving two for DOJ's to focus on in particular. The FBI being surplus to requirements. Nov 30, 2021 8:21:58 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: Contained in the FBI's vaults is evidence that the Zodiac was the most prolific small-time extortionist in criminal history. The FBI were entrusted to catch him, through this very practice. But, he turned out smarter than them - and by a long chalk. Nov 30, 2021 7:16:45 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: We must continue to hope, and have faith in DOJ's to nail the Zodiac for at least one murder, and secure a subsequent plea deal to ensure justice for all his victims. Then, their families might receive a long-overdue explanation for his behaviour. Nov 30, 2021 7:08:13 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: That ''rainy day'' was allocated to the disappearance of Donna Lass, and an opportunity to bait the Zodiac. At present, the South Lake Tahoe P.D. maintain a dignified silence over the matter, but this is a ticking time bomb, waiting to go off. Cheers FBI. Nov 29, 2021 21:11:33 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: Pines Card fiasco ? The implications are truly cruel and horrible to contemplate. Judith Hakari's abduction and violent death would have had a much better chance of being solved, if the FBI had not elected to confiscate the Pines Card, for a ''rainy day''. Nov 29, 2021 21:05:04 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: The days of Fagan and his colleagues' dodgy Zodiac-related claims, as well as having wet dreams waiting for another FBI fix - are OVER. If a Zodiac arrest is made, they would do better to sort out their part in the Pines Card fiasco, and payments to Cheney Nov 29, 2021 20:23:01 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: In light of SF Chronicle journalist Kevin Fagan's recent re-vamp of his career C.V., emphasizing a decent and honest hack with homeless charity interests, he might like to reflect that it isn't going to make his part in Zodiac case shenanigans go away. Nov 29, 2021 20:15:32 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: What might save the FBI (?). Difficult to assess. Operations performed on the hierarchy's forked tongues might help. But, it's ''humility'' that they are lacking. Forced to assist schoolchildren and old ladies cross roads safely would be a good idea. Nov 29, 2021 18:35:12 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: I certainly don't begrudge the D B Cooper fraternity though. Through muscling in to get what they wanted - Good Luck to them. But, it begins to demonstrate where the FBI really are at, and their current mindset ? Like Edvard Munch's painting ''The Scream'' Nov 29, 2021 18:15:54 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: An interesting but disappointing reflection of 2021, I believe, is that as Z followers await anything remotely like an FBI File No.7, and for years, the D B Cooper fraternity receive an FBI File No.64, through behaving badly. The FBI's priorities ? Nov 29, 2021 18:10:28 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: Seattle Times, March 25th 2021 : '' If anything dire happens to me (or any I love) - what I gave the cops gets published immediately.''. So, no movement from Z, then ? And, he brazenly (or otherwise ?) believes he can cover for his family's safety, also. Nov 28, 2021 22:32:05 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: Naturally we all think that Z should give himself up. But, he is still trying to eek out his freedom. And, one should bear in mind that, in all likelihood, Z has been only too happy to have seen Lenny Paradiso spend his last 28 years of life in prison. Nov 28, 2021 13:17:16 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: .....firstly, the DOJ's are struggling to come up with at least one murder to pin on him, with confidence. But also...a law enforcement agency might try to take him out. Now - which LE agency has most face to lose ? I fancy that Z will think the FBI. Nov 28, 2021 13:02:21 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: Given that the Zodiac is still alive (as I do) one has to start looking at matters from his perspective. Z will know about all the lying that the FBI have been doing, and will surmise that because he has yet to be arrested, then.... Nov 28, 2021 12:57:30 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: It's a wonder really, why the U.S. DOJ still allows them to meddle with the Zodiac case. The FBI attempting dishonest damage limitation, if the case happens to find a public resolution - and become the most embarrassing moment in their 113 year history. Nov 28, 2021 9:37:02 GMT -8
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