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Rubislaw32: That Wiki-man Assange is you, US DOJ, being told what to do by ''El Presidente''. Only last week, your Attorney General Mr Merrick had his arse nicely roasted by Congress. The politicians of influence don't seem to be very happy with you, US DOJ ? Unlucky. Jun 24, 2024 23:01:12 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: Breaking news: Julian Assange has just been extradited to the US from UK - to plead guilty to criminal charges, and then immediately freed. No 1 of two decisions facing the influence of Joe Biden ? ''No 2'' could well have some bearing on a Zodiac outcome. Jun 24, 2024 22:26:16 GMT -8
Rub--law32: And yes, I will say this again: Only..if only PM Cameron had contacted Barack Obama directly, after Comey was exposed over Joan Webster's stolen casefile - then we wouldn't be where we are. Can the Zodiac case still be retrieved (?), and justice delivered. Jun 24, 2024 21:31:18 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: ''No, Frunk.'' - isn't that right ? You Frunk, got duped by Comey, believing he held overall control of the Zodiac case, following your meeting with him, Dec 19th 2014. All ''highly embarrassing'' for you, Frunk, when Comey was exposed for illegal conduct. Jun 24, 2024 20:17:38 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: Just to add at this stage: Regardless of what Scottish Crown think or believe, CA DOJ see both Reet Jurvetson (1969) and Emma Caldwell (2005) as potential Zodiac victims. Did Frank Mulholland, Lord Advocate in 2015, ever contact CA DOJ ? Looking doubtful. Jun 24, 2024 19:44:12 GMT -8
Rub--law32: Well, I am sure Zodiac case custodians CA DOJ will have been watching the recent Packer conviction for Emma Caldwell's murder, carefully. One month after Emma's murder reinvestigation announcement, in May 2015, CA DOJ started looking into Reet Jurvetson. Jun 24, 2024 19:22:35 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: Indeed, Ms Bain became a hero by constructing a strategy to convict Mr Packer of Emma's murder, and with no forensics linking him. A ''miracle'', having held Packer on remand for 2 years before trial. Ms Bain providing Emma's mother peace after 19 years. Jun 24, 2024 14:37:15 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: Yes - there was much the 2005 Strathclyde investigation ''didn't'' do, on account of being so sure they already had Emma's perp - a cafe worker. Including no witness statements (?) from Epic House. Still, Ms Bain delivered ''faithful'' justice in the end. Jun 24, 2024 14:23:04 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: The beginning of the end of Lord Advocate James Wolffe, following his Masud report handed to Barr, in Dec 2020. Became all too much for him. Aamer Anwar laid into him over Emma Caldwell - then ''Epic House'' significance - eh, Mr Wolffe ? 'Enter' Ms Bain. Jun 24, 2024 12:50:06 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: becomes involved with stooges Oranchak, Blake & Van Eycke on a simulated Z340 solution. 5) The ''spirit & remains'' of Donna Lass are ''laid to rest''. 6) Dec 2020 sees publication of HOAXED Z340 - followed by US DOJ charges against Mr Masud. Yes, CA DOJ ? Jun 24, 2024 11:45:08 GMT -8 *
Rub--law32: I would suggest that 2020 seems to have been a big Z-year: 1) The Zodiac leaves the Middle-East, and retires. 2) Karen Katherine Lass Lounsbery, last surviving sibling of Donna, passes. 3) The Zodiac is approached over a silence deal. 4) FBI's Dan Olson... Jun 24, 2024 11:36:32 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: Zodiac's message, March 25th 2021: ''If anything dire happens to me (or any I love), what I gave US DOJ gets published immediately.''. A month later, FBI publish The Eldridge Cleaver Files - to rub salt in Zodiac's wound. Concerned now, Barr & Hoodwinker ? Jun 24, 2024 11:13:46 GMT -8 *
Rub--law32: Since standing down as US Attorney General after that ''Momentous Pan Am Lockerbie moment'', Barr, once loyal advisor to Mr Trump has always made a point of dissing Trump, believing he would not be back as President. Your nightmare may come true now, Barr. Jun 24, 2024 7:26:02 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: So, what do you say to that, Mr Barr ? A pretty shameful indictment for someone of your presumed standing ? Your Pan Am Lockerbie press conference, Dec 22nd 2020, Mr Barr. Making excuses for Hoodwinker Wray's absence ? After Z340, Hoodwinker was in hiding. Jun 24, 2024 6:46:11 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: Unthinkable, CA DOJ would not have investigated the ''Zodiac Sister/s'' Personal Ad. in the Seattle Times, March 25th 2021 - a protest over FBI's Private Citizens Z340 HOAX of 3 months prior. WILLIAM BARR - you are prime suspect for Zodiac's silence deal. Jun 24, 2024 5:25:44 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: One has to be realistic: As appearing, US DOJ, Scottish Crown & FBI have spun the scenario of a Zodiac case undermined & expended for Pan Am Lockerbie - for so long, that Zodiac could pass of natural causes before justice. Crumbs of comfort remain, though. Jun 24, 2024 1:51:58 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: Yes - Cameron as original funder, will still have a foot in the door of UK Parliament. And US President will be Biden (or Harris ?) or Trump. So - a continuity of sorts remaining, with those who know about Comey. And ''Conflicts of Interest'' implications. Jun 24, 2024 1:15:16 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: Well, I note Ms Bain's Dec 21st statement about US DOJ & Scottish Crown's determination to put Masud on trial, May 12th 2025, is the most read about her - just 6 days before ''Donna Lass events''. Cameron will still be a life peer, then. Unlucky, Ms Bain. Jun 24, 2024 0:50:56 GMT -8 *
Rub--law32: Tearing at your heart strings, Mr Mueller ? Our hearts really bleed for you (not). !2 years as FBI Director, and you had not a clue about Zodiac case skeletons, including Donna Lass. I thought your parents brought you up never to deceive ? We live & learn. Jun 24, 2024 0:22:10 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: Nor, should we be surprised if those with previous exemplary public service records don't spill the beans (?) - like Mr Mueller & Mr Barr. Barr embraced the notion of charging Masud. But still no politician's endorsement - just Cameron's covert funding. Jun 23, 2024 7:41:04 GMT -8 *
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