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Rubislaw32: Yes indeed - the Fairfield Z38 is a sampler solved by simple substitution from the keys of the REAL Z340. You know FBI - the REAL Z340 solution for which you seek to hide from, by deceiving everyone. Just hoping the Zodiac will pass on, before being outed. Jun 17, 2024 12:20:42 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: And, from a Zodiac ciphers perspective: From the San Jose cryptogram: OI = Egg Man One, FBIO = FBI Nil. From Z38: OO = Double-Zero. From the Donna Lass poster cipher: OO = Double-Zero. An arrested Zodiac will be quite candid about this. Unlucky FBI - sunk. Jun 17, 2024 12:04:52 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: A reminder of what Mueller told Congress, when asked whether Mrs Clinton or Mr Trump stood most to gain from The Russia Thing: Mueller: ''Trinp''. And, what Jeff Sessions told Senator Kamala Harris, at the same Congress hearings: ''Stop intimidating me.''. Jun 17, 2024 9:28:45 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: What do you reckon, FBI ? Do you know what I reckon ? I reckon Robert Swan Mueller III knows now, having investigated the reasons why Comey was fired. Ex-FBI Director Mueller gave the FBI 12 loyal years. Unlikely he didn't find out about Donna Lass. Grr. Jun 17, 2024 9:00:18 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: Indeed - promoted by FBI, in the form of circulars to local PD's - to add some figurative flesh to the misrepresentation that Donna belonged to Zodiac. All that remains is, if FBI are going to finally own up. Donna an accident, I believe - then concealed. Jun 16, 2024 9:45:49 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: So, for any Larry Kane believers as Zodiac, still remaining - unlucky yourselves - just p*ssing in the wind and always have been. Kane, graduating from a Peeping Tom to ladies man, a lush and small-time jewellery thief. Selected & promoted a long time ago. Jun 16, 2024 4:30:35 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: It was local bank robbery hero & South Lake Tahoe PD's Det. Jake Herminghaus in 2017, who first had suspicions about an FBI conspiracy behind the promotion of Donna Lass as a Zodiac victim. Now retired. Unlucky FBI - rumbled by a real, clean & decent cop. Jun 16, 2024 4:04:43 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: Ziraoui, a 23-year believer in Larry Kane as Zodiac, has always been handy for FBI to knock-down and make FBI look smart. It was Larry Kane who was originally promoted by FBI, to put a face on Zodiac as responsible for Donna Lass. All local PD's now know. Jun 16, 2024 3:43:31 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: Stooge: ''A subordinate used for unpleasant work, or a performer whose act involves being the butt of jokes.''. Patsy: ''A gullible person, easily taken advantage of.''. A fine line ? Faycal Ziraoui is an FBI Patsy. TV Dave & Fagan ? Vain & greedy Stooges. Jun 16, 2024 2:50:31 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: Of course no one from the FBI, least of all Head of FBI's Crypto-Rackets DAN OLSON, conferred with victims' families over the Private Citizens simulated Z340 solve. OLSON sees it as his right to lie to his Stooges, also. The Paymaster Piper calls the tune. Jun 16, 2024 2:06:02 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: Reality TV Dave: ''Look into my eyes, look into my eyes. Our 340-Soda Siphons exclusive was delayed by 4 days because Dan had to first confer with the victims' families. The FIB know their priorities and the media were hungry on their own accord. 3-2-1.''. Jun 15, 2024 20:57:56 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: And BTW FBI, SFPD have always known - with Vallejo PD catching up in May 2018. Since 6 months ago, and Donna Lass ''events'', all PD's in California will be in the know. That's right - your FBI San Francisco branch claiming ''local LE partners'' is a joke. Jun 15, 2024 17:10:09 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: rod for their own back, with overtures inferring they still play an active role. To tell the truth would be something like: ''We're not sure - CA DOJ kicked us off the case in 2015, on account of Comey's illegal conduct.''. ''The FIB'' just can't do that. Jun 15, 2024 16:57:47 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: Last year, Newsweek needing to consult officialdom on the state of play in the Zodiac case - opted to contact the FBI. The FBI gave Newsweek the usual brief spiel on the case remaining open by CA DOJ. How funny ? The FBI have now effectively, created a... Jun 15, 2024 16:51:19 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: In Newsweek's recent examination of True Crime, it was found that True Crime accounts for the most popular choice of Podcast, at one-quarter of all Podcasts - ''The Guilty Pleasure''. The Zodiac Killer remains the leading attraction as unsolved murderers. Jun 15, 2024 10:13:05 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: ''California on my mind'' ? Yesterday, UK PM Rishi Sunak denied claims he would be ''disappearing off to California'' if he loses the UK Election on July 4th. Sunak says he will stay on as an MP for the next 5 years. He owns a 2nd home in Santa Monica CA. Jun 15, 2024 8:21:33 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: Well, on Z-residences, there is the ''Inverness-Aberdeen-Glasgow'' 70's, 80's & 00's trio to consider. And, Brenda's & Renee's cold cases finally solved. But, Emma's is technically ''unfinished business'' - and in cold case terms, a copy of Carol Lannen's. Jun 15, 2024 2:38:08 GMT -8 *
Rubislaw32: Comey's ''visitations'' ever having existed. Penman was only there ''to add'' and not subtract - and that he had consulted with you, over ''factual accuracies''. That review started events resulting in Chief Constable Gormley's public humiliation. A shame. Jun 15, 2024 2:23:40 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: Although, I do have to say - that was rotten shenanigans over your ''Hatchet Man'' Derek Penman's Assurance Review - designed to convince Holyrood Justice Committee there was nothing much wrong with Police Scotland. True. But actually a cover-up over.... Jun 15, 2024 2:13:58 GMT -8
Rubislaw32: Has that got to be a worry for you now, Frunk ? That Ms Harris is now Vice President of the US, and has the ear of the leader of The Free World. Well, as long as you have been transparent with ''Comeback Cameron'' - then nothing to worry about ? Jun 15, 2024 2:06:34 GMT -8 *
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